Fianna Fail are creatures of our corrupt swamp

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Uncategorized
There is a trade union organised protest tomorrow.
Now is NOT the time for petty Union bashing. This is what they want you to do in the media, in Fianna Fail & the IMF- distract & divide. Don’t take the bait.
Keep your eyes on your real enemy; the junta in Fianna Fail that won’t relinquish power, the corrupt domestic banks, the property developers who have been bailed our at your expense via the criminal scam that is NAMA, the international bondholders in our banks such as Goldman Sachs who seem to have a gun to the collective heads of our country and of course, the IMF, who are a weapon of mass social destruction.
This is the biggest emergency that this country has ever faced.
The stakes are huge – do we live in a democracy or will we acquiesce to living in a plutocracy whilst surrendering our sovereignty?
Yes, the Irish unions sure have their faults. Absolutely. However they also have a lot of power.
Despite their flaws, it was because of the power of the european trade union movement that we enjoy a lot of rights such as paid annual leave, paid sick leave, 8 hr working days etc. The unions can act as bulwark against the savagery of unfettered capitalism and the dictatorship of “the markets”, who seem to be dictating our destiny at the moment. The have the means to emulate our citizens in Portugal today and mobilise people for a national strike – which is what needs to be done.
The French Resistance in WW2 was a coalition of various groups with conflicting aims and shortcomings but during a national emergency, they set their differences aside to save their country from being enslaved to fascism.

Ireland really is a just a corrupt banana republic. Fianna Fail didn’t arise out of thin air. They are creatures of this society and were voted into power enthusiastically by the people.

I used to use a joke on how I intended to vote FF at the next election as a protest against those who voted for them last time, so they can see how it felt for me last week. I must start wheeling it out again.

I think part of the problem is that we don’t have a national parliament as such, demarcated along traditional left/right divides, where people have a formulated a world view and have passionate convictions about what idea of a society they want to live in.
Ireland has political tribes that people align too, based on what side of a civil war their grandparents aligned to.
The Dail is more of an overly glorified county-council, where people vote on local issues – who fixed the potholes, who got me a medical card etc, who got funding for a bypass etc.
The people ultimately get the government they deserve. Just as in Russia they have consistently demonstrated a preference for an autocratic strongman, in Ireland we love “cute-hoors” – guys that scratch your back in exchange for a vote.

How many people kept hooping on about the value of their house during the bubble? Running around in a consumer orgy, maxing out credit cards, shopping in Brown Thomas and crowing about how many foreign gafs they own as their thick, overly-fed faces squeezed into Ralph Lauren shirts.
Joe Higgins warned about the property bubble and the corruption of Fianna Fail in the 2007 election – his election leaflet was like a prophecy – and the electorate didn’t like his “doom&gloom” message so they booted him out and elected a Fianna Failer and a Thatcherite clone in the form of FG’s Leo Varadkar.
Fianna Fail are the mirror of the Irish people. Now the party is over, the smoke has cleared, the lights are on and we have sobered up, we don’t like what we see.


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