The Lynching of Julian Assange

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Current Affairs, News, Uncategorized
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There has been a lot of commentary on this case. The most important one is that this is a debasement of the English language and a two-fingered salute to all victims of the violent crime of rape to call consensual sex rape when the condom broke.

All you need to know is what the world’s leading feminist, Naomi Wolfe had to say on the case. I like Naomi a lot and I have read one of her books. She is incredibly smart and astute.

Julian Assange Captured by World’s Dating Police.

Of course if we dig a little deeper we find this startling revelation.

Revealed: Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative.

Murkier and murkier.

Of course the CIA do specialise in smearing officially designated enemies. They have a long, sordid and blood stained history. There have been many worthy books written on their atrocious conduct. Irish journalist Alexander Cockburn’s Whiteout is probably the best account of their nefarious deeds with regards to selling cocaine so they could illegally procure arms for Iran.

Perhaps the most salient summary of the case is this from Roissy in DC or Citizen Renegade which is now his prefered nom de guerre. In his piece the links that he sources demolish any veneer of legitimacy to these trumped up charges.

I’ve written before that false rape accusers ought to be punished the same as actual rapists, with jail time. It is as evil as real rape. Their lies destroy lives. Tossing them in jail for years will send a valuable message to women everywhere that they will not escape the consequences of smearing a man who didn’t fulfill their romantic expectations.

Indeed. The bigger crime here is that this whole affair will lead to a watering-down of the crime of rape in the public’s consciousness and arguably it will make it more difficult for genuine rape victims to come forward.

What is shocking is that soi-disant feminists could traduce and betray their gender like this.

Tragedy as farce as pointed out over at Counterpunch.

The farcical rape charges have once again been leveled against the Pentagon’s Public Enemy Number One.Julian Assange now stands accused of: (1) not calling a young woman the day after he had enjoyed a night with her, (2) asking her to pay for his bus ticket, (3) having unsafe sex, and (4) participating in two brief affairs in the course of one week.

These four minor charges, worthy of Leopold Bloom’s mock trial in the Nightown chapter in Ulysses



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