Murdoch’s Crumbling Empire

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s the Murdoch press. What do people expect? They are utterly bereft of any scruples or moral compass.
Remember the Sun newspaper after the Hillsborough disaster? It is still boycotted in Liverpool.

I suppose the hacking is an inevitable response to the macabre interest people have in unfortunate murder victims and the insatiable demand the public has for lurid gossip about celebrities.

The prurient public that fuel this salacious tabloid coverage are just as guilty as the hacking hacks in the News of the Screws.

It’s a cynical rebranding exercise as there was an exodus of advertisers which forced Darth Murdoch’s evil hand.

Expect the Sun on Sunday to hit the newstands instead.

They will be ultimately redistributed for the Sun on Sunday. It is just a very ruthless rebranding exercise by Murdoch.

He was forced to choose between Rebekah Brooks or the NOTW and he ditched the wrong red-top.Rebranding of the NOTW aside, I think the closing down of the NOTW is demonstrably a good thing.That paper (and it’s sister paper The Sun) is a pernicious toxic rag that has ruined lives and arguably communities in the UK.

Of course it is a tragedy for those who have lost jobs but far more jobs have been lost as a result of the ferocious right-wing policies that paper championed.The NOTW supported the Tories who have put hundreds of thousands on the dole & have plunged countless families into poverty.

Lest we forget the class warfare it waged on working class communities in Britain during the miners strike and it’s shameless cheerleading of Fianna Fail in Ireland.Not to mention the cynical exploitation by the Garda PR man Paul Williams of working class communities and the failed war on drugs.

Murdoch covertly moved the Sun, the NOTW, the Times and The Sunday Times from Fleet Street to a massive compound in Wapping over-night in the 1980s and this resulted in one of the biggest showdowns with the trade union movement.

Murdoch famously won as he was unwaveringly supported by Maggie Thatcher and the British police. When the strike was eventually broken and the union lost, the rest of Fleet Street decampde down to the London Docklands so it was a seismic event event in both the history of both the British press and the trade union movement.

Watch Steve Coogan rip into the News of the World on Newsnight. He eviscerated the hapless hack that has been trying to defend the indefensible all week.

and Charlie Brooker just wrote this piece about the final edition. … -the-world

It is welcome that Darth Murdoch’s suffocating grip over British politics and public life is slowly being vitiated. It is welcome that politics and democracy can breathe freely once more.
However it is a pity that politicians are only now growing a pair.
The political parties were so craven and obsequious in genuflecting before the Dark Lord and his iniquitous media empire. It is a pity they did not demonstrate a willingness to stand up to his tyranny before his thinly veiled class warfare in the form of ferocious right-wing,neo-liberal policies which were unleashed across Britain and the ensuing social carnage that arose in once proud working class communities.


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